How to choose the right colours for Kitchen Respray?

It is said that the kitchen is the heart of every home. We can’t help but agree to this since this is the place where it is the centre for most action. It is here where families gather to eat and spend time with one another, where moms spend quality bonding time with their kids as they prepare meals for the whole family. No wonder why setting up and designing the kitchen is such a crucial task to take. It is no easy feat. Luckily. Our kitchen respray services will make things easier for you by providing you professional yet affordable kitchen refurbishing services. Now you can be at ease knowing that choosing the right colour for your kitchen is where you should be focusing on.

Kitchen Respray Kitchen

Kitchen Respray Kitchen

Colours may seem like just a trivial matter for others, but it is what makes your kitchen different from the other kitchens.
If you’re like most people, you might have faced the dilemma of choosing whether you should go for light or dark colours in your kitchen?
Remember, the colours you choose for your kitchen cabinets can either make or break the look and feel of your kitchen. The right colours in your furniture that blend with the other elements in your kitchen will set the vibe of your kitchen. The wrong choice of colours can make your kitchen sloppy and make you feel tired and unenthusiastic. With the right blend of tones on the other hand, any kitchen will instantly look inviting, welcoming and even refreshing in no time! The following are some pointers to look into when you’re stuck between choosing light or dark colours for your kitchen:
Light Kitchen Furniture & Cabinets
Spacious Vibe: Lighter shades in your cabinets give a more spacious feeling to any kitchen. Especially for small-sized kitchens, having white or light kitchens exude a clean and sanitary vibe.
Classic & Versatile: The white colour gives a timeless, elegant look to any kitchen that never goes out of style, plus it also goes great with almost any other paint colour. Light colours are very versatile, especially if you wish to make changes in your kitchen from time to time.

Dark Kitchen Furniture & Cabinets
Elegant, Rich & Formal: Darker coloured kitchens add depth and formality to any room. When designed and blended correctly, the effect can be rewarding. It should be noted though, that the darker the colours you choose, the better the lighting and other elements should be to avoid making the kitchen feel dark, dense and enclosed. If you plan on having a dark kitchen, make sure to complement it with contrasting colours and good lightings to create the perfect balance.
Decided on what colour scheme to go with your kitchen?
Our Kitchen Respray at All Surface respray will give your kitchen the professional renovation it needs. Just contact us below and consult with us for the ideal look and design you wish to achieve.

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