Have you considered Kitchen Respray? Different kitchens have different needs. There is no standard answer to determine when you should renovate your kitchen. Every person has different reasons for renovating but all are guided by the principle of need. The need to renovate in order to repair damages, the need to update the design, transform an outdated look and the need to improve the overall layout and decoration of your kitchen. Through it all, the objective is to make the perfect transformation while spending the least money possible.

Kitchen respray to skimming stone

Kitchen respray to skimming stone

Before deciding to replace your furniture with new furniture, consider painting it to give your kitchen a drastic transformation without overspending.  Most kitchens usually last for 10-15 years, depending on the need that compels you to have it renovated. When should you renovate your kitchen? First, consider the reasons you need to renovate it, then weigh it based on the intensity of your kitchen’s needs. From there on, you can decide when to renovate your kitchen. At the end of the day, your budget is what will determine when you should renovate.

Here are some of the few reasons you need to renovate your kitchen:


No matter what measures you take to keep your kitchen looking its best, time and use will eventually have an effect on how it looks. No matter how hard you try to clean old furniture, eventually the wear and tear will become evident. From time to time, your countertops, kitchen cabinets, tables and chairs will require repair work in order to deal with damage. The degree of damage your furniture has will determine whether your furniture is either needs replacement or refurbishing. In order to cover up some of the damage and the wear and tear, respraying furniture is the cost efficient solution to restoring old furniture and making it look almost new again.


Many kitchen cabinets, counter tops and other furniture designs also go out of fashion from time to time. In order to update your kitchen’s style and theme, the need to renovate the kitchen becomes a requirement. If you want to keep your old furniture when undergoing your kitchen renovation, repsraying furniture is your best option. Changing the colour of your furniture is a great way to keep old furniture in style and in tune with your kitchen’s intended design. Refacing old furniture will give you a great excuse not to purchase new pieces for your kitchen. Choose classic shades of colours like white, cherry oak or mahogany for an elegant and chic look that can match almost any kitchen style.


Changing the colours in your kitchen furniture can acchieve a drastic transformation in any kitchen such as creating the illusion of space. The eyes can be easily deceived by using colours to trick you into making any kitchen look bigger. A simple renovation like painting furniture can make all the difference in improving your kitchen.


If you’re concerned about your budget and want to save as much as possible when renovating, consider refurbishing before replacing anything – it’ll help you save as much as 80% on your expenses with kitchen respray. Our state-of-the-art facilities and top of the line services will give your kitchen the transformation you need in order to achieve your dream kitchen.



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