Resurface your Kitchen

ReSpray your existing kitchen for a fraction of the replacement cost with Kitchen Respray. We can transform you tired or dated looking kitchen to look like new in just 3 days and for 25% of the replacement cost

Kitchen Respray Ireland’s Number One

Ireland’s Number One for  Kitchen Re-Spray

Kitchen Respray .com is the answer to all of your kitchen resurfacing needs. We have been in the business of respraying kitchens in Ireland for over 15 years now.  You can actually save up to 80% by Resurfacing / Respraying your kitchen instead of replacing it.

Kitchen Re-Spray… Save up to 80%

Kitchen Respray .com is the answer to all of your kitchen resurfacing needs. 

Don’t throw away your quality wood kitchen. Kitchen Respray can transform your quality wood kitchen to look like new in Just a few days for a fraction of the replacement cost

Learn about the Process

respray with best process

STEP 1 (Day One and Two)

The preparation of the doors is vital. While other companies may skimp on the preparation without you knowing we feel it is the most important part of the project. Our workshop has been specifically designed so the door prep and door spraying is completed to the highest standards possible. After the doors have been collected, cleaned primed and sprayed we then start working on the carcass.

respray with best process

STEP 2 (Day Three)

The prep of the carcass usually takes place on day 3. We sand and prepare the carcass for Spray painting. For larger kitchens we spend the whole day doing this and actually start spraying the next day. So your kitchen will only be out of action from the time we mask until the time we spray which is usually only 24 hours.

respray with best process

STEP 3 (Day 4)

When the carcass is sprayed we then remove the masking and fit your doors. We fully inspect the job and fit new handles if required. The paint we use is particular to the kitchen resurfacing industry. It is exceptionally strong and smooth which allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

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