Choosing the Right Furniture Respray

Furniture respraying is quick, cost-efficient and suitable for a vast range of pieces. The procedure is great because it gives your favourite furniture a second life and it can be used to accomplish a complete house transformation on a budget.

Did you know, however, that the quality of repainting services isn’t the same? When choosing a team for the job, you’ll have to assess the paint and figure out if it provides sufficient coverage and whether the outcome of the project is going to be long-lived.

Kitchen Respray Varnished table top

Painted kitchen table, Varnished table top

The Best Type of Furniture Respray Paint
Companies that put emphasis on quality services work solely with the best products on the market. All Surface Respray is one such company. Before getting started with furniture restoration, you should inquire about the paint and its characteristics.

The product that we use is a two-pack paint variety with a hardener. Once the surface is cleaned properly, this paint will adhere very well to it. Because of the impeccable adherence, the result of furniture respraying is going to be very long-lived.

Spray paint is much more durable than all of the latex varieties and PC paints on the market. This is why you can’t get the same results by repainting the furniture on your own. All Surface Respray works with a commercial-grade product – an essential for superior performance and maximum coverage.

Depending on the type of furniture that you need to have renovated, spray painting can occur without the use of primer. This is how high the quality of the best paints is.

The quality of the product and the confidence that Kitchen Respray has in the process have both resulted in a lifetime delaminating warranty that our clients get.

Take Your Time and do Research
Furniture spray painting services aren’t created equal. You can’t just go for the first ad that you see. Inferior paints will fail to produce the smooth, even and beautiful finish that results from quality products.

Spray painting can help you save nearly 60 per cent of the sum that you’ll otherwise have to spend on the purchase of new furniture. This is why you should think about it and take some time to understand the differences between quality and inferior paints.

All Surface Respray’s team is ready to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Give us a call today to book your appointment or inquire about furniture respraying.

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