Why Using Kitchen Respray Services is Better than Replacing Your Kitchen

Has your kitchen lost some of its modern and exciting appearance? There’s no need to replace the cabinets and other functional pieces. There is a much more convenient and easy opportunity. Getting your kitchen furniture resprayed rather than replaced will let you enjoy a wide range of benefits.


Without the need to replace all the countertops and cabinets in your kitchen, you can achieve the effect of having a brand new room for less money. Opting for kitchen respray will enable you to save up to 80 percent of the kitchen replacement cost.

Kitchen Respray Greystones

Kitchen Respray Greystones

Fast Completion

The whole process of respraying your kitchen would require only three to four days. The kitchen, however, will be out of action only for one full day – the day during which professionals mask the areas that do not need to be resprayed.

The paint used is harmless and dries super fast, which means that the kitchen can be used soon after the respraying is completed.

High Quality

Experienced professionals in the niche will guarantee the quality of the work done. The experienced Kitchen Respray Dublin team will mark and remove the doors that you want resprayed and bring them to our workshop. Before we start spraying, we test all the surfaces for contamination.

The companies that offer “too good to be true” prices usually skip this step. Then, only a few weeks after the respraying, problems start to appear.

Durable Paint

Our Kitchen Respray System is of highest quality. The paint that we use is much more durable and wear-resistant than the standard products offered on the market. Moreover, our kitchen respray system is environmentally friendly and following to the latest technologies.

Quality Guarantee

Opting for the services of experienced professionals will give you access to a quality guarantee. With more than 15 years of high quality service behind our back, we have become an industry leader that numerous households in Ireland prefer.

All things said, there is no reason why you should replace your kitchen surfaces instead of respraying them. The appearance of the kitchen will be brightened immediately, the process will be completed fast and it’s going to be incredibly cost-efficient. Remember that choosing the right professionals for the job will be the key to making the most of the project. contact us at Kitchen Respray

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